Blue Memory Plus Topper With Pillows

A luxurious blue foam topper for those of you who aren’t quite ready to replace your existing mattress. Breathable next generation, foam gives you extra comfort and support to greatly improve your quality of sleep

The Blue Memory Plus Topper bought to you by Dream Foam includes unique pressure relieving and even weight distribution qualities of superior memory foam. Enhances your sleep by relieving pressure where you feel it most giving you the better sleep night after.

Supportive Memory Foam Layer

Visco-elastic pressure relieving material that moulds to your unique body shape for blissful comfort. It remembers its shape, returning to its original form night after night.

  • Relieves pressure points for a better night sleep
  • Evenly spreads your body weight
  • Use on top of your current mattress
  • Made out of Thermoelastic Memory-Foam responds to body temperature
  • Adapts to the contours of the body, for enhanced comfort and relaxation
  • Vacuum-rolled, easy to carry and transport
  • 2 inch layer of High Density Memory Foam 
  • Manufactured and tested in the UK